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About Our Barn

Here at River Road Riding Club, have so many amazing features to offer for the horse and rider! Your horse will have daily (weather permitting) turn in/out, feed, stall cleaning, routine seasonal blanketing. In addition, we do not charge for putting on protective equipment on your horse before daily turnout, including fly masks, blanketing or boots, and if you leave us fly spray, we will apply before daily turnout.

We provide Pro Elite Feed by Southern States(Performance, starch wise, diet balancer), orchard grass hay, well water, and salt and mineral blocks. Any boarder provided supplements are dispensed on schedule. We have a generator for the horses’ comfort in case of any inclement weather; each horse stall features lights, stall fans, & water (we have a well) while the generator is running. Each large, 12x12 stall conveniently has a halter rack and a large tack box that has plenty enough room for grooming supplies, saddle bar, and the outside offers a blanket bar. We do also offer blanket washing here at the barn for your horses comfort, and for your convenience.

Our boarders are friendly and welcoming. They can be very helpful to the new horse owner as well as lots of fun for the seasoned horse owner. You can often find them on the trail, in the lounge, on the patio, in the rings, sharing their horse wisdom, their treats (for horse and human), or just enjoying the relaxing atmosphere here at River Road Riding Club.  

You will not have to worry about the care of your horse at River Road Riding Club. Our staff is well trained, and each has a profound love and knowledge for horses.

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